Mentally, I’ve been waiting to write about our house until it’s “finished” (is a house ever really finished?) …but as most of you know, it’s a real fixer-upper so that may be awhile. In the meantime, here’s a little introduction. I guess we can consider all of these pictures the “Before” pics.

The house is cabin-like but not a true cabin. It’s on 3 acres and has a tiny house and an old barn. The location and setting was exactly what we were hoping for! It’s wooded and quiet with plenty of room for chickens, cats and a garden 🙂

Inside, it’s about 1000 square feet. 1 Bath, 1 bedroom downstairs and an open loft that could be an additional bedroom or office, etc.

View from living room looking into loft and kitchen
View from Kitchen looking into Living Room
Upstairs loft

So we closed at the end of September and got right to work! Our first project was to put on gutters- the house had NONE. Which of course led to water damage along the bottom part of the exterior walls. That’s been the bulk of what we’ve been repairing since. The gutter project only took Derrick and I about a day and a half but man, all of that damage could’ve been prevented…gutters are super important people!

We chose to go with continuous gutters that we had rolled out for us by a local company and then we installed ourselves. 10/10 would recommend DIY-ing this project, it wasn’t super complicated and we were able to save a lot.

I went with white gutters since the eventual exterior color will be red! This is the idea….

Making Mood boards is my passion, apparently. I’ve made like 10.

So that’s the place. What would you use the barn for? Would you use the tiny house as a space for guests or an office? Or something else?

Any other thoughts? Cool ideas you feel like sharing? I’m open to it all!

Ok, that’s all for now!